The Mount Diablo Music Education Foundation (MDMEF) is dedicated to supporting music education in the Mount Diablo Unified School District (the District). In pursuit of this goal, MDMEF has established a program to pay for the costs of transporting middle school and high school music students to other schools in the District to perform for students in lower grades, with the goal of encouraging more students to enroll in music programs.

You may use this form to request funds from MDMEF for this purpose. Pressing the SUBMIT button on the form will transmit the form to Joan Miller, President of MDMEF, at For more information, email Joan at Requests should be submitted as far in advance of the planned event as practicable. Requests will ordinarily be evaluated on the second Thursday of each month and must be submitted not less than ten days prior to that date to be considered. Funding is not guaranteed, but requests will be evaluated considering MDMEF’s mission, its available funds, and its intent to utilize its resources in an equitable manner.

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