Before completing this Grant Application, applicants should review the MDMEF Grant Guidlines to ensure the proposed grant meets MDMEF’s criteria.  Applicants are also encouraged to discuss with MDMEF the suitability and timing of a grant before completing the Application.  Inquiries may be directed to Joan Miller, President of MDMEF, by email at 

A completed Grant Application will consist of completing the form that follows.

  • If more information is required, we will contact you.  We may request additional detail about:
  • The proposed program or project.
  • The needs, problems, and/or opportunities to be addressed.
  • How the project contributes to improved access to quality music education for students whose access to quality music education would otherwise be limited due to historic inequities or economic disadvantages and the challenges the project faces.
  • Who else in the District is addressing this issue.
  • The students to be served and how they will benefit.
  • How you will reach the students you intend to serve.
  • How the project contributes to music education.
  • The goals of the project and how you will you achieve these objectives.
  • Key staff and volunteers’ qualifications and experience critical to the project.
  • Other organizations and/or partners participating in the project and their roles.
  • A timetable for the project.
  • The fundraising strategy for the project.
  • How the project will be sustained financially.

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The SUBMIT button will send the completed form to If you do not hear back from her then print out the form and mail it to the
address below 

Mail Application directly to:
Mount Diablo Music Education Foundation
25A Crescent Dr. #165
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 OR Email to