Music Education Grants Program

 Since 2011, MDMEF has given over $167,000.00 in program expenditures,
 including Grants and Programs.

 The current Grants are supporting:

 1) Sustaining Current Programs
 2) Technology and Equipment Requests
 3) Transportation

 And we need your support to sustain these programs and future requests!


Transportation Funding Request

        Please use this form to request financial
        assistance for music student travel within
        MDUSD District.
        Teachers - Please check with
        MDUSD Transportation for current rates.

       For More Information, send an email to:, MDMEF President.

Transportation Funding Request

Music Education Grants Program

         Please use MDMEF's Grant Guidelines,
         along with a Grant Application (and

       For More Information contact:, MDMEF President.

Grant Guidelines
Grant Application Form

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